Sticky Frontline Training for Independent Hotels

 Tailored to YOUR Needs

            Drive Top-Tier Consistency in Digestible Chunks

            1-Click Access

            Receive automated, bite-sized training that is strategically drip-fed to staff’s phones for swift, enjoyable learning on-the-go

            Targeted Learning Paths

            Highly-relevant job-specific learning paths informed by your needs and enriched by insider tips and best practices from your staff

            Highly Engaging

            Feel inspired by navigating through media-rich content, job simulations and branching scenarios that transform knowledge into actionable experiences

            Rapid Progress

            Speed up onboarding and upskilling across frontline roles and watch your staff take more ownership of their work whilst providing exceptional guest experiences

            Track and Decide

            Monitor staff progress and make data-driven decisions from polls and knowledge checks with a built-in learner management system


            Brief, digestible learning components enhance engagement and improve knowledge retention over lengthy training sessions

            Personalised Learning Paths, with Insider Insights

            We create learning modules by analysing your training needs in just 60 minutes. We customise your team’s learning journey to tackle specific performance issues, ensuring you get a great return on investment.

            Our method allows your team to easily share real insights, improving and personalising learning with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

            Consistent Top-Tier Standards That Scales

            Automated learning paths keep every department of your hotel sharp. A few minutes is all it takes to reinforce service guidelines, safety protocols or product knowledge without manager input.

            Rapid Reinforcement

            Hyper-focused learning utilises various interactive scenarios, polls and quizzes and delivers on priority performance gaps established through our Traning Needs Analysis.


            Microlearning content in bite-sized chunks can be accessed easily on mobile devices during small pockets of downtime. This makes training more convenient than sitting down at a computer.


            Training is customised by department, aligned with the hotel’s values, and addresses real performance issues. This relevance keeps the content focused on what each staff member needs to know to do their specific job well.

            Don’t Take Our Word for It

            'It allows us to present all the information that a new hire needs without making them feel overloaded.'

            Lisa Nguyen

            'Well alligned with the foundational theories and concepts from the science of learning.'

            Dr. Nidhi Sachdeva

            'We strive to provide our staff with targeted and concise information at the right time.'

            Brooks Veazey

            Proof in Numbers

            Data Insights


            Faster Proficiency


            Higher Engagement


            Better Retention (after 3 months)

            Commonly Asked Questions

            Will the learning disrupt daily operations?
            Our bite-sized modules average 5 minutes and are designed to align seamlessly within staff workflow. Staff receive an SMS with a link and custom message that can be easily accessed during downtime.
            What level of staff participation is required in personalising the training??
            To ease your workload, our team handles content design end-to-end based on initial insights from a Training Needs Analysis. To personalise the content, we make it super easy and rewarding for staff to contribute their insights voluntarily to the process either through short 1 minute videos, voice notes or text.
            How do you customise the content for our unique needs?

            Training paths are based on the outcome of a Training Needs Analysis and some resources that you may already have. This will save time versus having to explain everything verbally and of course  help us align better to your brand standards and workflows.

            Our co-creation framework allow for seemless and continuous updating of modules with your team’s direct input. This ensures the content is specific to your performance issues and culture.

            How do you make the training stick?
            Our approach blends media rich learning content and psychology elements with authentic on-the-ground insights, catering to each hotel department’s needs for long-term adoption and proficiency. It sticks because it’s relatable, hyper-focused and highly engaging.
            How soon can we expect proficiency improvements?
            Proficiency improvements can be expected relatively quickly due to our approach of ‘drip-feeding’ components using spaced learning over 12-month cycles. This method ensures consistent engagement with more manageable learning components, leading to lasting gains.

            While it is impossible to predict, some clients achieved improved customer reviews, decreased employee turnover, increased upselling rates and enhanced guest satisfaction scores within 3 months

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