360° Live Guided Tours: more than just screen sharing

Being able to visit a location anywhere in the world at any time of the day is one of the many benefits of 360° Virtual Tours. But what if there are particularly important visitors worthy of a more personalised experience.  

A live guided tour allows you to accompany your guest as you both engage in a virtual walkthrough of a location.

This built-in video conferencing software offers much more than the screen sharing capabilities of Zoom or Skype. Because it is built into the 360° Virtual Tour, everybody can navigate to their liking and communicate freely in real time – all whilst seeing the tour in its original quality. 


The benefits of being able to provide a personalised virtual tour while synchronising where users look are endless. Both parties can refer to points of interest by taking control of their viewpoints through the simple click of a button. This is ideal for employees, clients or students who wish to ask questions on any area that interests them. 


At a time when the world is seeing an increase in remote working, it makes sense for businesses to allow users to step into their location without actually being there in person. The growing popularity of Google 360° Virtual Tours is a testament to this new shift in consumer behaviour. 

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